We had a perfect show-up rate in New York.  Great job recruiting!  Clients were pleased with the level of individuals recruited, too. 

Steve Heffernan, CRQ Research


Hope all is well! Wanted to thank you and the team for delivering on those respondents last minute for the TDIs.  We greatly appreciate your efforts and the flexibility in the schedule as well – we ended up having 6 IDIs which is much more than we expected going into that research! 

Shannon Doyle, Magnolia Innovation


Thank you so much for fulfilling another challenging recruit flawlessly! We really appreciate all of the hard work! 

Jake Barnowski, User Research International


Once again great progress with this lengthy recruit and amazing work getting those color impaired patients. I slept so well last night knowing we already have 5 and potential backups! 

Patrick Brunell, Vivisum Partners 


I definitely see your logic. Thanks for being so thorough – you really do a great job! 

Shannon Crocker, PVR Research 


Just wanted to say thank you for the great recruitment for last week, participants were very useful, provided great value for the project. 



Hi gang, everything went GREAT! Perfect show rate! Just the one cancellation - do you want me to destroy that check? All the respondents were really fantastic. Everyone was on time, lots of people were early, I had fun doing the early bird drawings. Thanks again for everything! Fantastic job!!! You guys rock!! i

Sherri Crispin, Creative Strategic


As far as the research so far, things have been great - really outgoing kids, nice parents and everyone so far has been coming into the project with the correct expectations - which is sometimes a challenge (to be sure the recruiter accurately communicated the session length, that there will be pictures/video, etc) but you guys have done a great job! 

Emily Young, Ask Smarty Pants,


You guys are awesome, thanks very much for getting these docs on short notice, and for offering to help if needed today. 

Ken Howie, Magnolia Innovation