What We Do

Flagship Research is a data collection service, focus group facility, usability labs facility, recruiting team for San Diego and national studies, and manager of national and international projects. 


In our years together, the management team of Flagship Research has completed well over nine thousand research projects, for over one thousand different clients.  We have considerable experience in each of the following types of research, and are ready to assist you and your firm with the most demanding and difficult requests.  An email or a quick, toll-free call to us is all it takes to set us in motion.  We will respond quickly, professionally, and completely.  And, by ‘completely’, we mean that the price and time line we present are ones we are one hundred percent committed to.

  • Usability Labs
  • Focus Group Facility
  • Test Kitchen
  • Executive, Medical & Pharmaceutical Interviewing
  • Recruiting for Focus Groups, One-on-One's, Music Studies, Etc.
  • Central Location Tests
  • Mock Juries
  • Hispanic Recruiting
  • Medical Recruiting
  • Store Audits
  • Product Placements
  • Intercept & In-Store Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Car Clinics
  • Customer/Employee Satisfaction
  • Web-based interviewing
  • Project Management, National and International



"Hope all is well! Wanted to thank you and the team for delivering on those respondents last minute for the TDIs.  We greatly appreciate your efforts and the flexibility in the schedule as well – we ended up having 6 IDIs which is much more than we expected going into that research!"

Shannon Doyle, Magnolia Innovation