Why Choose Us

  • We are in our 24th year, and have tons of experience in facility and recruiting management;
  • We are located between a Hilton (3 doors west) and a Sheraton (6 doors east), and just minutes from the airport;
  • Our offices are newly completed. We leased space back in December of 2017 and gutted the premises, to start from scratch with our room layouts, to have a no-compromise facility; and,

This Is What Makes Us Special

We call it Recorded Recruiting, others might call it 100% validation. We record the initial recruiting call for each respondent. A full-time staff member can then listen to the recording along with the screening instrument. And the recordings are archived by group, so we can quickly refer to them when needed.

Here is how good we think our system is – while many facilities charge by the recruit whether the person shows up or not, we, with rare exceptions, only charge for qualified respondents who fully participate. You will not be charged for no-shows at Flagship!

Like Baskin Robbins, we have lots of flavors of recruiting. Here are some of our favorites, with recent examples!


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"Thank you so much for fulfilling another challenging recruit flawlessly! We really appreciate all of the hard work!"

Jake Barnowski, User Research International