Usability Labs

Our two labs each consist of: 

  • Test rooms capable of creating a naturalistic environment for your study (one is 18’ x 22’, the other is 16’ x 20’)
  • An on-site technician dedicated to your project
  • Observation suite located behind a 1-way mirrored wall, providing a low-stress, supportive environment
  • Individual climate controls in observation and testing rooms
  • Five ceiling mounted Sony Ultra-HD  PTZ cameras capable of capturing the smallest detail of participant interaction with your product
  • Capability of simultaneous recording of up to 10 computer, tablet, or other screens in real time
  • Production (TV studio) grade digital recording of all images
  • 65” Ultra-HD video monitor allowing a real-time, clear view of all session activity
  • Ability to live stream the sessions


This image shows video feed from our cameras and, in lower right, the screen of the iPad being used.  The upper right, close-up image is from the overhead camera, the others are from cameras mounted in the four corners of the test room.  The middle image on the lower row shows the entirety of the test room reflected in the one-way mirror; this room is 18’ x 22’, the other is 16’ x 20’



"I definitely see your logic. Thanks for being so thorough – you really do a great job! We should count her as a light user since she doesn’t do anything daily."

Shannon Crocker, PVR Research